Dinner Set - 36 Pcs

Product Code : DSET0001

  • The LADLE design has been especially made for Indian utensils and type of food consumed.The LADLE can be used for dal, vegetables with gravy, kadhis and curries.
  • Easy-care PLATES for serving your meals. The extended rim prevents food from spilling and makes handling easier.
  • An elegant SERVER with cover to keep your delicious meals warm and inviting. Microwave re heatable. Venting cap to escape the steam during re-heating.
  • Set of microwave re heatable BOWLS is very handy and versatile. Ideal to serve Curry, Soups and Desserts.
  • The CASSEROLE comprises an inner bowl, an outer bowl and an insulated server.The extra space on the bowl rim helps easy placing and removal.Double Insulation advantage for excellent temperature control
  • Serving spoon can be used for rice and rice preparations such as pulao and biryani has a larger surface for lifting and serving bigger portions of rice

Available Colours :